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The Kinedyne HM750L Servo motor produced by Hightex is a powerful, quiet and reliable motor designed specifically with leather sewing machines in mind. It’s efficiency and great controllability makes it a great choice for any industrial sewing machine turning out high quality products.

The speed can be manually set to maximum between 300rpm – 3000rpm. This is great for a beginner, to set it slow and then no matter how much you put your foot down on the pedal, it won’t race away on you.

These motors can be coupled with an EPS needle positioning system. The devices go on the end of the shaft at the fly wheel and once calibrated to the needle position, will stop the needle in either the UP or DOWN position (depending on which is set, and can be alternated with the press of one button) when you take your foot off the pedal. Some needle positioning systems won’t work if you have a speed reducer installed with the motor, but these will work even with a speed reducer in place. Needle positioning system extra $50.

The 750 watt output (1 horsepower) is easily powerful for any industrial sewing machine. The 7.9Nm torque gives excellent performance with needle penetration. Pair with a speed reduction pulley for even greater torque and slow sewing.

These electronic DC controlled motors are brushless and clutchless for smooth, quiet and energy efficient work.

Easily swap out your clutch motor as these motors will attach in the same three bolt holes.

Price includes postage (with tracking) Australia wide.

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