Cowboy Outlaw – Hand operated industrial sewing machine



The Cowboy Outlaw hand operated leather stitcher is the finest machine of its type in the market today.

Carrying on the legacy of fine hand craftsmanship that defined the American West, the Cowboy Outlaw hand stitcher has proven itself to be an indispensable tool to leather workers the world over; Each pull of the handle delivers a clean, precise lockstitch, allowing the operator total control of stitch placement.

The Outlaw uses some of the heaviest thread available allowing the user to create finely handcrafted leather items of true distinction and character; Durability is a hallmark of this precision leather sewing machine.

With all cast iron construction and solid heat treated steel parts inside, the Outlaw is of superior strong design, but it still light enough to carry.

The Cowboy Outlaw hand stitcher makes sewing easy for the experienced craftsman, or the novice alike. It is an ideal machine for those looking for an alternative to tedious and time consuming hand stitching.

The package includes a roller edge guide to help with straight seams and 2 packets of needles.

No electricity connection necessary! Completely Portable machine, do your sewing ANYWHERE.


Technical specs

Needle type 794 sizes from 200/25—250/27

Thread size up to 415 (M7)

Presser foot clearance 18mm

Max sewing thickness 16mm

Max stitch length 8mm

Cylinder arm 23cm


Applications: saddles, harness, leather belts, wallets, leather bags, horse tack, sheath, bridles, gun holsters, handbags, shoes, purses, horse rugs and saddle blankets.

Leather, canvas, nylon, sheepskin, webbing, plastic…


Price includes delivery in most major towns

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 50 cm


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