CB9518 Cowboy Zig-zag Industrial Sewing Machine


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Strong industrial sewing machine for zig zag stitch.

Sew through up to 7mm of material: canvas, webbing, Kevlar, Dacron, leather, with a presser foot lift of 12mm to provide easy access.

Four cam options for stitch design: Straight stitch, one step zig zag, two step zig zag, three step zig zag

Best machine in the industry for spinnakers sail making, can be used for parachutes, wind surf sails, awnings, blinds, wetsuits, rugs etc

Employs semi-automatic oiling system


Technical specs

Needle type DPx35 Size 100 – 140 (16-22)

Thread sizeĀ  (M50 -M20)

Presser foot clearance 12mm

Max sewing thickness 7mm

Max stitch length 5mm

Max zig zag width 10mm

Flat bed working space 26cm



Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 120 × 58 × 90 cm


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