CB8360 Cowboy Hand Clicker Press 4tonne


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This clicker press operates on the same principle as the hydraulic swing arm clicker presses… but without the noise or the size, or the need for electricity

The swing arm mechanism means you can see to place your leather pieces and dies on the base deck and then swing the press around and apply force with the lever. Leverage generates about 4tonnes of pressure, suitable for cutting pieces with dimensions around 75mm to 100mm across.

You can also use this machine to emboss logos or letters onto leather

The base plate measures 300mm x 215mm and the swing arm plate is 205mm x 215mm.

The minimum stroke height is 40mm, and the cutting mat is 20mm high.

Save time on cutting repetitive pieces in your craft work with the addition of a clicker press. They can be used on leather, cork, nylon sheet, cardboard or rubber etc

Shipping to TNT Depot (Major cities)


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