CB808 Strap cutting machine (small)


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This little strap cutting machine sits on your bench and can really save you some time (and effort) when producing belts and straps.

Suitable for leather up to 3.5mm thick (maximum capacity 4mm) and works well on thinner, softer leathers that don’t work so well in the large strap cutter.

100mm shaft for placing washers (spacers) and blades at your desired widths

Comes with 8 blades and a variety of spacers 2, 3 and 5mm wide

Deflectors to be placed on the rear shaft to stop the cut straps from wrapping around the main shaft

50mm wide pressing wheels on the right hand side of the machine, roll through straps that you’ve glued together, or get some of the plastic strap folding devices (optional extra for purchase from Wild Harry) to make producing bag straps a breeze.

Variable speed, runs in forwards or reverse (handy for cutting fringing) Pedal operated to run or stop, 240v standard plug

Machine measures 44cm wide, 25cm high, 18cm deep

Price includes delivery to most places

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