CB806 Cowboy Leather Splitter

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This leather splitter won’t take up much space on your bench but it will be a useful tool to have. Featuring a compact but super sharp 190mm blade, you can skive about 100mm widths of leather. This machine can be used for a lap skive or level skive.

There are depth stoppers on both sides of the blade to help keep your cut the same all the way across. Another useful feature of this machine is the cam brake to lock the handle to position, meaning you have both hands for working the leather.

The blades have been professionally sharpened so you can get to work straight away. The 806 leather splitter is an economical little tool that will help you create professional finishes to your work. Ideal for thinning the ends of belts and other straps where you fold the leather around a buckle or a link.

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1 review for CB806 Cowboy Leather Splitter

  1. Anvil Hide Leatherworks

    How do I give 6 stars??

    It’s a crime other places in Australia are selling the lesser (hi tech) model for more than you are selling these, these are so much better!! Worth every cent and more

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